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How does the TRNG work?

Everybody knows traditional lottery drawing machines filled with numbered balls which pop out to bring a draw result. They are widely used all over the world but unfortunately many question the fairness of the process. This is why GG International developed TRNG – True Random Number Generator. It is unique on a world-scale level by […]

Lotto curiosities and extraordinary Lotto stories

Weird Lottery Stories

Can’t keep a million-dollar prize because the winner is afraid of sudden wealth? Or because the lottery balls get stuck in the drum? That sounds impossible, but life writes the craziest stories, even when it comes to the lottery. We have compiled for you a compilation of the most unusual stories from around the world. […]

Play the lottery – avoid mistakes – improve jackpot chances

improve lottery chances

Winning the lottery isn’t easy – but could you make it unnecessarily difficult for yourself? Sometimes just a little bit of luck is missing, but one shouldn’t make additional mistakes. Every week countless lottery players miss out on a big win by making one or more of the typical lottery mistakes. We would like to […]