Play the lottery – avoid mistakes – improve jackpot chances

improve lottery chances

Winning the lottery isn’t easy – but could you make it unnecessarily difficult for yourself? Sometimes just a little bit of luck is missing, but one shouldn’t make additional mistakes. Every week countless lottery players miss out on a big win by making one or more of the typical lottery mistakes. We would like to report here on lottery experiences and answer why you don’t win the lottery.

Tips and Lottery Tips for Better Success Before we look at the lottery mistakes most players make when submitting their lottery tickets, let’s share some lottery tips and tricks with you that you can use to tip the odds in your favour . While we can’t promise miracle cures, the following article provides some tips that can improve your chances of winning the lottery. Read it for yourself, then decide whether to follow our advice when filling out your next lottery ticket:

Beware of lottery mistakes! Does playing the lottery make sense? This question has probably been asked by many. As with so many other things in life, there are always two ways to do something: the right way and the wrong way. Unfortunately, we often do something wrong unconsciously and only notice it when it is already too late. And your weekly lottery picks are no exception. As you can imagine, we analyze user data and lottery trends to gain valuable insights into lottery players’ methods and motivations.

In doing so, we discovered a shocking fact: an excessive number of lottery players are sabotaging their own chances of winning.

Lotto experience shows: If you do the wrong thing about submitting your lottery ticket from the start, it doesn’t matter whether you hand in your lottery tickets at the acceptance point or here at the Loto -King. And as our stats show, there’s a good chance you’re committing at least one of the seven lottery sins below.

The seven lottery sins:

  1. Jackpot Blindness: Focusing only on big jackpots is the most common mistake made by lottery players. But the higher the jackpot, the bigger the hype and the more players submit their bets. So even if you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot, you will most likely have to share it with multiple winners.
  2. Ignoring the Odds of Winning: As with any other game of chance, lottery players hope to win even if the odds are small. However, experienced lottery players know that examining the odds of winning different lotteries can make a difference and even make you see your favorite lottery in a completely different light.
  3. Believing in certain lucky numbers is a common lottery sin. Many people think that their personal lucky numbers will help them choose winning numbers. But that is a fallacy. Most lottery players tend to pick the same numbers over and over again. This means that if you win, the prizes have to be split between multiple winners.
    To avoid this problem, rely on random numbers instead. Choosing random numbers gives you a higher chance of being the sole winner. For example, you can use a lottery quick tip function or have a random number combination generated by a random number generator.
    If you want to be successful at the lottery, you should not rely on lucky numbers. Instead, bet on random numbers and maximize the chances of becoming the sole winner.
  4. Only bet on certain combinations of numbers
    DO NOT CHOOSE PATTERNS Horizontally, vertically or diagonally – many lottery players bet on certain patterns on their ticket. For example, they only select numbers from a certain row or from a certain corner of the ticket. However, this can result in the chances of winning being reduced as the number combinations may be chosen by other players.
  5. Not Playing Regularly
    REGULARITY IS IMPORTANT If you only play the lottery occasionally, you may be missing out on big wins. It’s important to play regularly and keep making bets to increase your chances of winning. Many lottery players have won big by playing regularly over a period of time.
  6. Don’t pay attention to the deadline
    DO NOT SUBMIT TOO LATE Many players submit their bets too late and miss the deadline as a result. If you submit your lottery tickets online, always pay attention to the specified deadlines. If you drop them off at an acceptance point, you should know when the acceptance deadline is so that you can get there on time.
  7. Giving up before you ‘ve really started
    NEVER LOSING HOPE Many players give up after a few unsuccessful attempts, thinking that they will never win the lottery. However, it is important not to give up hope and continue to play regularly. The chances of winning may be small, but they are still there. Who knows, you might be the next lucky winner.


To win the lottery, you should stop committing these seven lottery sins. Instead, focus on the lottery experiences and tips we’ve given you. Research the odds of winning various lotteries and regularly submit tips. Avoid betting on specific number combinations or patterns, and don’t ignore the smaller jackpots. Finally, you should never lose hope and keep playing to increase your chances.